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About Penny Garnett - A motivational  speaker and life skill coach.

My Story:

Penny’s teachings are from her own lessons of self-discovery as she surrendered and supported her husband in his dying process. After he died, those lessons continued as she began the courageous journey of creating, not just a life, but a wonderful life full of realized dreams.

When doctors said there was little they could do for his cancer, her first reaction was shock and fear at the thought of loosing her best friend. Her husband’s response was, “I wonder how I’ve contributed to bringing this on." He began to open to an expansive sense of spirituality and focused on his internal energy, his inner power, and creative thinking. He learned to use visualization and meditation. He began taking better care of himself by setting boundaries with people and discovering what brought him joy.

 His prognosis had been five years if any treatment could be found to slow the cancer down. He extended his life for years and seven of those years there was no treatment available. The doctors were in awe and called it a miracle. The real feat was that peace, acceptance, and great joy replaced the fear he once had. Much later after he died, Penny moved into such a place as she processed her own grief. He had shown her that we could create something wonderful for ourselves despite our circumstances.

During the last two months as they shared this dying experience, consciously participating day by day, Penny felt as though her heart was expanding like a balloon full of love, an indescribable love that comes with surrender to what is and living in the present moment.

In marked contrast to that, after he died she found herself in her darkest hours and it was a place of terror. She had just lost her great love and friend of thirty-eight years.  At the same time, there were dramatic changes in her finances and the loss of support from a child who refused to have a relationship with her. In her grief and fear she found herself on the living room floor sobbing for hours each day.  During these early months she made three major decisions: 

  1. Not to busy herself and escape, but to feel all the grief and allow it to move up and out of her body, knowing that as scary as things seemed there is a way out.
  2. To open her heart to the belief that it is possible to have another deeply loving and fulfilling relationship.
  3. That although her life would be different now, she has everything it takes to create a wonderful life of connectedness, direction, empowerment, and good health.

She learned to tap into her own inner essence discovering the joy of living again and of creating what she thought were impossible dreams. She now provides others the tools for looking within and finding their own inner power where they can understand who they are, magnificent spirits. She teaches them that in connecting to their sacred space of wisdom and guidance deep within, they can create a life they love.

She shows them how to move through their lessons and pain more easily and return to a place of peace and happiness. She encourages them to choose the thoughts that make them feel good and use that energy to draw people, places, and circumstances that bring fulfillment and abundance. She helps them to open themselves to the potential that they have everything it takes to create a wonderful life.

She asks them to give themselves permission to be who they are in the moment and to move beyond the stress and busyness of today’s accelerated living style into a calmer, more balanced life of abundance and empowerment.

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